the gods frowned upon me today as i drove back from a minor shopping expedition. making my way south on 29 and then to 635 south, i was unlucky enough to be trapped behind a pig transport. on a 65 degree day the lovely scent of jampacked swine wafted in my car vents for about 20 minutes, with me gagging all the way and no way to get out of it. then, after breathing a fresh-aired sigh of relief upon getting on to i-70 east, i began to drive through the west bottoms of kansas city. anyone from kansas city knows the lovely eau du west bottoms, which essentially consists of SHIT. i literally held my breath for as long as i could as i drove 70 mph through to get away from the smell. finally i hit broadway and was purified by the fresh smell of the folgers coffee factory. i am not sure what i did to anger the gods to destroy the pleasantness of a warm day with awful smells, but i am mollified and sorry. apologies, gods.


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