Gods Frown Again

again the gods have frowned upon me in the scent of life department. it might also coincide with yet another reason the upstairs neighbors may soon find a burning bag of dog poo outside their front door (although this might not work so much in my favor since their front door is 5 feet from mine and they have no doorbell with which to dingdong ditch them, but i digress). apparently the cold weather is keeping them indoors, including for their lovely smoking habits. rather than wafting away on the crisp evening breeze, their smoke is currently filtering through my heating vent into my room and bathroom, and i am forced to deal with it. i am on the verge of lighting several candles. although this solution often leads to that hideous pleasant smell with a strong undercurrent of eau du cancer sticks. but it’s worth a try, and is probably the more pleasant alternative to inflicting violence upon the neighbors. probably.


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