Arsenal Aftermath

i’ve always had severe reactions to cold medications that involve NOT OPERATING MACHINERY WHILE USING or MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS. when i say severe, i mean that it usually takes 12 hours of sleep and the entire following day for the effects to wear off. floatiness, dizziness, hot flashes, cold flashes, chills, and overall grossness is generally part and parcel of their aftermath, which i tend to just exacerbate by consuming caffeine which causes some sort of drug and caffeine cataclysm inside of me and just heightens the effects of the drugs.

so i was excited to see that my airborne nighttime was drug-free, all-natural, and chock full of peaceful sounding herbs that would help me glide off to sleep. which totally worked. but the aftermath thing happened all over again. i did not consume caffeine, which might have not worked in my favor. i was tired all day long, tired like i could have just sat down and passed out wherever i was standing. the peaceful herbs worked too well. it took til about 8 pm tonight for the effects to wear off; once they did, i was given a severe, pounding WHERETHEHELLISMYCAFFEINE sort of headache. basically it’s been a miserable day, physically, and i am ready for sleep to recuperate, work hard tomorrow, and then drive to my favorite non-kansas city city, home of the king!


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