Back to the Mid South

coverage of the weekend i have not heretofore covered:

i worked on saturday, a normal 10 – 6 shift. nothing exciting to report there, except for that it finally ended and i was able to rush out and hit the road. a quick stop at mcdonald’s later and i was on my way back to memphis.

everything went fine on the trip down until, on 1/19/08 at 23:20 hours at mile 126 of US-55 South in Perry County, MO, i allegedly blew by a cop car, operating my vehicle at speeds exceeding the posted speed limit. i got a ticket. and two warnings: a. get my driver’s license changed to missouri, and b. i pulled off to the left side of the highway, which is not only apparently illegal but also quite dangerous. so after that brief delay i was back on the road – a nice, dry road, thankfully (after snow in kansas city, i was worried about the highways) that was also decently lit by my new best friend, almostfull moon. i pulled up at pete’s at 3 a.m., tired and ready to be done driving.

after trudging upstairs to his room, i found these waiting for me:they were accompanied by a bottle of my favorite wine, one of my favorite scented candles burning, and a little pile of presents. he even made the bed. figuring i needed some pampering after the nine hour drive, he poured me a glass of wine and i set to doing my favorite thing: opening presents. i got a beautiful new scarf, a really sweet compact mirror, and a loofah with a puppy sponge on it that i named tiger. to say i am spoiled is an understatement.

the next morning we were up and ready for brunch at my favorite bagel place in memphis for EGGELS!!:fried egg, cheese, and bacon on a sundried tomato bagel. made of awesome. a trip to the mall and a nail salon later and then it was home for him to once again spoil me by fixing me dinner at home. he made his specialty, marinated baked chicken, with rice, potatoes, and asparagus, accompanied by a side of french bread. we stuffed ourselves and then, after some relaxing, headed out with his roommate and his date to a bar to play pool and have drinks for a couple hours. my cough flared up at the bar and held strong through the night, to the point that i dragged pete to the grocery store at 2 a.m. to get something to help. i went with the new mucinex extra strength, took one, and passed out. did i have a reaction? did i float off into oblivion? did the cough stop? tune in tomorrow when i finish my tales of another weekend in memphis.


One thought on “Back to the Mid South

  1. Pete says:

    The suspense is killing me! What happened!?!

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