(before i get in to what happened with my extra strength mucinex, i have to make mention of two things: 1. pete washed and put clean sheets on the bed for me. jury’s out on if he ironed them or not. 2. we also went to the dixon art gallery in memphis that first day, and saw a kick a** david macaulay show of his illustrations, plus their permanent collection of impressionist works. my bad.)

my reaction was typical me. i was floaty, detached, and unable to keep my eyes open. pete dragged me to lunch (not that i didn’t want to go, but he really had to practically carry me), and i really couldn’t stay awake. he brought me home and i promptly conked out til 4 pm, leaving pete to his own amusements on the computer and later on his guitar. he woke me up finally by playing his guitar for me, and i got my butt in gear to get ready to go out.

we hit an indian restaurant for dinner, then saw the disturbing and gory but interesting movie no country for old men. pete got a glass of red wine at the movie, for the sheer novelty of being able to do so at studio on the square in memphis. i finally really came out of my drugged stupor during the movie, so i was feeling much more chipper afterwards. we decided we wanted ice cream, which we laboriously picked out and subsequently never ate. (mayan chocolate haagen dasz, for those who are curious.)

the next morning i got to sleep in as pete went to work. after his sales meeting we met up at the bagel company again for more eggels, and then i was led to the germantown public library to write down my directions to home. then another (non-tearful! i did it!) goodbye and i was back on the road, arriving home at 8:45 pm. along the way i heard about heath ledger, which was like a punch in the stomach. he was so hot and talented. but as this entry is all about my weekend in memphis, no one is as hot or talented or pampering as my reverend, and i can’t wait to go back. his turn next to do the trip, though.


One thought on “Continued

  1. Lauren says:

    for reals about heath. i was driving home in LA traffic and almost crashed; not that that isn’t a daily occurance (almost crashing) but still.

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