ok i’ve been m.i.a. for no good reason. i putzed around last night doing a whole lot of nothing after dinner out with my family, so i’ve got nothing. just didn’t post.

there really isn’t a whole lot going on to post about, in my lame defense. i watch tv, i shower, i wash my face, i go to work, i sleep, i eat, i paint my nails, i chip my nails. i talk to my boyfriend on the phone, i text message him, i make irrational demands of him (he is being awfully slow in getting me a tiger), i take him a daily picture of me so he doesn’t forget what kind of hot girlfriend he has.

in a follow-up to my ER visit, i have been walking around feeling like i was very possibly stabbed in my hip, but this is slowly fading. for all i know, howard the nurse DID stab me in the hip, i didn’t look. this possibility is strong. but i guess not that strong since when i look at my hip i just have one teeny little dot, not a bloody stab wound. but i have my doubts.


One thought on “Back

  1. Kitty says:

    I hope that you are at least feeling better after that stabbing. I thought of you today when I read about Truman’s daughter–looks like you had a good time at the library!

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