several times now i have written my posts during one of my nightly rituals: wearing my nightly face mask. i have to let it dry on my face for ten to fifteen minutes, and it should be obvious that that’s about all the time i take to write each post. it makes my face smooth and redness free (briefly). there is just one thing about this face mask that bothers me a little…its smell. the active ingredient in it is, of all things, sulfur. works like a charm for what it should do, but once you get some sulfur near your nostrils, that’s all you smell. plus (and this would go for any face mask, really) i kind of almost gag when things dry on me, like if mud dries on my hands, so every night i force myself not to dry heave when it gets dry on my face and i get all tight and crinkly and gagggggggggggggggg i need to go wash this off kbye.


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