for anyone working in the retail world, the word strikes fear in your very soul. i had inventory today from 6 am til 5 pm at the major home decor retailer that provides me my second income, and it was rough. it could have been worse, i suppose, had not all of the merchandise been scan-able. we were all armed with scanner guns, and swarmed over the stockroom and store like little ants to try to scan every last item of merchandise. by the time i left at 5, we had about 98% of the merchandise scanned initially, but the auditing of our counts was only at about 10%. i was definitely ready to be done by the time i left – i had done my portion of the duties by doing some of the more painful tasks (read: ornament table). now i’m sore, have a semi-permanent red spot on the knuckle of my right thumb where my scan gun rested all day, and hope to never have to go through stacks upon stacks upon stacks of heavy ceramic plates again. i may possibly go into seizures if i even see a huge stack of plates at this point in the game. not to mention, the lamest part of the whole thing, i missed a 65 degree day from start to finish. tomorrow it’s going to snow and rain all day. way to go, inventory.


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