Shake it like a Polaroid Picture

i left work today jonesing for something specific. it was a food item, of course, and was something that would make my forecasted dinner of leftover chicken tikka masala just right: naan. i could eat approximately 27 orders of naan on my own given both the chance and some tikka masala sauce to dip it in. it is quite possibly what the greeks spoke of as food for the gods, supposing some little indian man made his way down the future silk road and cooked them some real food in celebration (he had had enough of olives). anyway, i made my way to the indian restaurant located about 4 blocks from my house and waited on some naan to go. i rediscovered why i love this place when they brought me an espresso-sized mug of chai to wait with – their chai is the best around and always a good compliment to the spicy food. the only unfortunate problem with this chai is that it registered about 300 degrees fahrenheit on my tongue. i didn’t have to wait long, and wanted to cool it, so of course i did what we’ve all been taught to do since childhood: i blew on it. then i got to thinking. does blowing on hot liquid actually work to cool it, or is it just a time killer in much the same way shaking a polaroid picture gets you nowhere fast but passes the time til the image develops? i spent a long, hard night researching this (ok actually i just googled my question and clicked on the first link), but all i can find is that air passing over liquid increases the rate of evaporation. does evaporation necessarily determine the temperature of a beverage? does my questioning all of this necessarily determine my inherent levels of nerdiness? possibly, to both.


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