as per usual, nothing exciting is currently occurring here.

i found out my next day off is two sundays from now thanks to my two jobs. this alternately sucks and rocks, or at least will rock in the future when i receive my respective checks. right now it just kind of sucks in the man, i’m tired kind of way.

i am in the midst of the cider house rules and a book at work that just came in called vermeer’s hat. both very enthralling in their own ways. i’ve managed to read for four hours tonight without really realizing it.

i love my throw pillows. they provide just the right amount of propping to keep my limbs from falling asleep in all of the awkward positions i end up reading in when in bed. to be truly, ideally comfortable, though, i need a chaise lounge. i will send you my address should you care to send one my way. please include nice reading lamp.

nothing provides better reading ambiance than some strong womens’ voices: amy winehouse, sara bareilles, and feist are currently on a loop over here.

back to the book.


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