Down Off

i didn’t really mention this in all my description of the cleaning extravaganza yesterday, but my #2 job called and said because of the crummy weather i wasn’t really needed, so i actually got a day off yesterday! HOOrah! and then, again because of the weather, i got the evening off again tonight! HOOOOOOrah! so while yesterday was spent being productive, tonight was spent eating breakfast for dinner at my sister’s house, giving my niece her birthday presents a week late, and watching my nephew get a bath/trying to balance rubber duckies on his head. now my hair smells like bacon, i have gained 67 pounds eating bacon, belgian waffles, and biscuits (what an alliterative dinner), and i left my niece with her new continents puzzle proclaiming that NORF AMERICA! IS WHERE WE LIVE! AMTARTICA! IS WHERE HAPPY FEET LIVES! SOUF AMERICA! wait what lives in souf america? ANACONDAS! THEY LIVE IN THE WATER! THIS IS RUROPE! AND THE BIG BLUE ONE! (asia) AUSTRALIA! I LIKE KOALAS! that should keep my sister and brother-in-law entertained for the next couple days.


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