i think i am allergic to life. there cannot possibly be any allergies going around outside as the temperature is currently nipplefreezing frigid, so i don’t know why i have dry, watery eyes and a stuffy nose (i am a benadryl commercial). people at work raised the possibility that it’s all the dry indoor heating i’m currently experiencing everywhere i go, which is a distinct possibility, combined with dustiness. all i know is, it sucks. i am actually chafing the skin under my eyes from rubbing them so vigorously in their dry dryness as they water uncontrollably (riddle me how that works). anyway, this wraps up yet another post about my physical conditions, i know you’re enthralled. let’s just say that the things i would LIKE to write about are probably not the best things to write about (i would like to not be dooced, thanks), so i am taking the moral high road and whining. you’re welcome.


One thought on “Allergies?

  1. sldrn says:

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