On the Second Day of Valentine’s My True Love Gave to Meeee…

pete decided that, on top of the lovely sexy chat you see below, he would send me two days of presents for valentine’s. i kind of did the same…on his day one he got some books and dark chocolate, and on his day two he got six chocolate covered strawberries. consequently i made him gain 3 pounds, but he loved it. but for my day one (actual valentine’s, whereas his day one was back on tuesday) i got a dozen light pink roses mixed with baby’s breath. totally gorgeous, and the by far most fragrant flowers i’ve ever gotten. then, on day two (if you’re keeping up with this, that was today), i came home to a nice small package from fedex. tore it open, opened another little box, opened a plastic bag, and found a gorgeous silver necklace wrapped up inside for me. totally gorgeous, i’m wearing it to work tomorrow. he may be rather strange with his sexy chats, but the man knows how to spoil a girl – he has now picked out four pieces of jewelry for me, each one of which has been an out-of-the-park hit. if any man happens to read this blog, take note. this is how it’s done.


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