Couple Days Back

i forgot to make a post about this, and it’s just a short one, but i wanted to just reiterate how awesome my reverend is with some photographic evidence: this teeny envelope arrived the other day. i discovered it tucked way down in the bottom of our mailbox, and squeezed on its odd, crunchy puffiness as i went upstairs. scared to tear anything, i ripped a teeny hole in the corner, only to have a little bit of red confetti glimmer out at me. i ripped a bigger hole (as you can see). this resulted in a mini explosion of shiny red confetti on my bedroom floor that enthralled the cats. tucked in among the confetti, though, was something that made me squeal with happiness: starbuck’s gift cards. the man knows the way to my heart.


One thought on “Couple Days Back

  1. Pete says:

    What a guy!

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