Heading Off to Sleepytown

last night i once again quickly hit the i’m-just-going-to-rest-my-eyes-for-2-minutzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz point after getting home from work and eating dinner, so i ended up passing out for the night at the respectable time of 10 pm. and sleeping til 10 am. apparently, i was tired.

i am now hitting the point in the evening where it sounds like a good plan to leave all my lights on and my door open and just fall asleep slumped over in bed, just because all those things are so.far.away. possible contributor to this state: a late-night trip to winstead’s for fries, a double winstead, and a frosty. good old greasy diner food has a way of making you sleepy tired.p.s.: i wish the place looked like this instead of an oasis in a frozen wasteland.

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