How We Met

we are going to go back in the day for this one. i feel like illuminating, for all five of my readers and all five hundred of the rev’s, how we met and how we re-met with the ensuing fireworks.

pete and i went to nerd camp together. that’s pretty much the sum total of it. it was at the university of kansas, summer of 2000, i was 15, he was 16, it was hot as hell, and we were holed up for seven hours a day for three weeks learning “Writing With Power.” he is, quite possibly, the first guy i’ve had a legitimate crush on. he smelled SO GOOD. so good i wanted to sneak into his dorm room and find out what it was that smelled so good and then buy it and keep it and smell it forever. i would work out ways to sit next to him in class JUST to smell him. he still smells amazing, and his current preferred scent is acqua di gio, of which i wholeheartedly approve. let’s look back:there we are with our oddly-blurred classmates. we both were addicted to baseball hats that summer: him because he looked cool, me because i could hide my eyes from you. let’s look closer:how cute were we? i was so so skinny, and he had so. much. hair. i prefer the current scruff levels he wears, to be honest. odd fact: the man never wears a baseball hat anymore. and hates girls that do. apparently present company excluded. but let’s take one more look back eight years, to see what really hooked me and keeps me around these past six months:woo! and as for the re-meeting, it kind of evolved and was discussed on this blog, but i will rehash tomorrow. til then, enjoy his hot booty. another interesting fact: he is now blushing.


2 thoughts on “How We Met

  1. Pete says:


    Damn…I used to be good looking.

    You, however, have increased 19 fold in your sex appeal….hard to believe considering you were hot even back then, 17 score ago.

  2. katie says:

    note: he is wearing a phish hat in the pictures. let the teasing ensue.

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