Rehashing the Re-Meeting

despite that booty, the reverend and i had kind of lost and found contact repeatedly for seven years. one of those “hey, what’s up?!” every few months on aim, an occasional facebook message or two, but nothing terribly consistent. he will avow up and down and left and right that he has loved me for 50 years, but the true story is that we just sometimes connected and said hey for a bit but being states away from each other we kind of went our own ways.

then, in september 2007, i got another random aim from pete. just a hey, what’s up, by the way you should come down to memphis sometime…and for some impulsive reason, i said you know what? what if i do? and i decided to go down for a fun weekend away from kc, not knowing what was coming my way. we talked endlessly on the phone in the time leading up to my visit, and then the day was there and i was on my way. i left at three a.m. from kc, drove all the way there, and finally found his little bungalow by the university of memphis. and i will never forget the hug he gave me in the middle of his front lawn, the sense that i was where i belonged, that this was goodness personified, that something was definitely going down.

the first day there flew by with a lunch out, a visit to the museum, watching a band on beale street, and general hanging out at his house. i found myself wanting him to take my hand, to try to steal a kiss, to just be as humanly close to me as possible. i made my own little move as we watched tv at his house, tucking my freezing feet under that same cute (and warm) bum. finally, he let me know that he wanted to be more than my friend and had been feeling that way for longer than the day that i had been there with him (and not the 75 years he’ll claim, either). and i admitted to him that i felt the same, and from that moment we’ve been together. it will be six months next week, and they’ve been the most fun months i’ve ever had with someone who evolved from a good friend to an awesome boyfriend who clearly spoils and loves me who i spoil and love back. the story is going to continue to write itself from here, stay tuned!


One thought on “Rehashing the Re-Meeting

  1. Pete says:

    Quite the story; I shall stay tuned indeed!

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