Bum Crack of Dawn

this morning i went to my second job to help them finish up a floor set to redo a lot of displays in the store. i woke up at 5:30 am today to be there by 6, and as insane as it sounds i kind of like going in that early. i work on the plaza, and it is so nice and quiet to go in before the morning rush hour, at that time when delivery trucks are making their rounds, when parking garages are empty, when the roads are clear and dark. not to mention the drastic reduction in commute time – i left my house at 5:42 am and arrived at work at 5:54, including a stop at sun fresh. i think, though, that the biggest benefit to early morning shifts is that you go, you work, and the whole time you’re kind of in this half-awake state. then you leave, do other things, maybe take a nap, and then the fact that you worked kind of fades away. and then in a couple weeks you still get paid for going to do something you barely remember doing. suhweet.


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