So Hardcore

i just got a tattoo.

a real one.

i chose a more unusual path than most, and went with all white ink. my tattoo is on the inside of my left wrist, and is a line of sanskrit that translates to drishta dharma sukha viharin. it’s part of the third noble truth of buddhism, and basically means “dwelling happily in things as they are.” it’s often used as a mantra while meditating. i’m just going to use it to try and guide my life a little more and help remind me to focus on what makes me happy.

here’s an early image of it, literally the second he took the needle away from my skin:counting the minutes til i get to take my bandage off and see it calmed down. although first i have to wash the extra white off…derek (my tattoo artist) smeared extra ink over the whole tattoo after it was finished, telling me that after they do tribal work in brazil, they put extra ink over it since they are convinced that the tattoo still soaks up more ink. he did this with a shrug and a well, let’s see if it works. guess it can’t hurt. more pics to come!


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