Back From Break

i’m going to, for now, pretend that my weekend didn’t happen so that i can regale you with what happened to me BEFORE my weekend began, and what threatened to completely ruin all possibilities of fun with my rev.

as i documented on here, my beloved watch and a cheap but equally beloved bracelet had recently gone strangely missing from my bedside table. i am beyond OCD about my watch. i take it off every night, place it in the little leaf dish katherine had sent me, wake up in the morning, put it on, rinse, repeat. so as i said, its disappearance was truly baffling to me, but i decided to wait it out for it to magically reappear in the freezer or something, as things of mine that go missing are sometimes wont to do.

then, friday morning as i got ready for work in one of my fav new cardigans, i decided to add one of my favorite necklaces to my ensemble: the freshwater pearls that pete had sent me for…well for no good reason, but they were super special to me, for obvious reasons. i opened the drawer where they live(d) in my jewelry armoire, only to find a blank spot. my heart in my throat, i tore out the drawer, pulled open other drawers frantically, slid my hand up the backside of the drawers, and found nothing. i flipped open the top of the armoire where my rings and earrings live, and found three blank spots in the ring crevices.

silver lining: i do not have early onset alzheimer’s. tarnished anti-lining: i have been robbed.

i called pete and sobbingly apologized for letting his necklace get stolen, and then tried to go to work and put it from my mind, only to burst out in tears more than once telling people that my necklace from pete was gone. i finally ended up leaving work at noon, going home, and calling the police to file a report. seeing that the cop that came was able to pick a lock to a (now much more secured) door that leads directly to my room in about 3.6 seconds, we think we know how it happened. it still sucks, and whoever you are that took my necklace, watch, bracelet, and rings, watch your back. i’m coming for you.


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