Evening 1

my bad for not posting last night. it boils down to i was tired, the end.

alright so to recap our trip to st. louis, remixed…after calling the police, filing a report, doing a little relaxing to try to calm myself after everything, i headed out for st. louis. it’s (for most people) a three and a half hour drive. for me, closer to four hours, since i manage to stop four times on that length of a drive. not to overshare, but i have the world’s smallest bladder. when i later told pete that i stopped twice, twenty minutes apart, he decided then and there that we shall never road trip together, for he would have to murder me. i am sorry i do not have some backup reservoir system, i am only human.

anyway. so i got to st. louis, far ahead of pete thanks to getting to leave earlier than planned, and hit up the local schnuck’s for a couple dinner supplies. we stayed at a homestead suites with a full kitchen in each room. i had planned in advance to bring and make dinner – the plan was to have it ready and on the table for him upon his later arrival. i unpacked, chopped up the chicken for the chicken tikka masala i was making (totally not from scratch, i got a kick a** sauce in a jar from world market), and watched a very interesting diane sawyer (go wellesley!) documentary on “working girls.” finally, pete called to alert me that he was in the neighborhood, so i got dinner going so that it’d be piping hot for him. unfortunately we happened to be staying on the most annoying, difficult, and potentially dangerous road to get to in perhaps all of st. louis, so it took pete an additional 40 minutes longer than it should have to find the place and get checked in. needless to say, he was a little peeved when he got there. i had done all i could to maintain optimum heat levels on the food without burning it. it still tasted pretty good, though.

we exchanged some gifts before and after dinner – i had made him a little easter basket with his favorite candies and a huge hit: a white iron paperweight from pottery barn, shaped like a paperclip. apparently, this was his heart’s most intimate desire. who knew? then he pulls out a bag and says he has something “little” for me for our 6 month anniversary. and hands me a zales bag…with two boxes in it. turns out the man got me diamond earrings and a diamond necklace for our anniversary – i was beyond surprised, and i have literally not yet taken the earrings off. i take the necklace off for sleep, but i have worn that every day since that minute, too. once again, i am spoiled beyond belief. in case you were wondering if that was waning.

tomorrow’s tale will include sneaking into a museum, wrestlers by the thousands, a nap, a large steak, and an invisible bowling alley.


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