Day & Evening 3

i…don’t remember why i didn’t post last night. alzheimer’s again. damn.

alright, so for our second day and third night in the STL. we actually woke up early again – we had a 10:30 am reservation for easter brunch, so we had to be showered and dressed up and all that good stuff in time to make it there. our reservation was at the eau bistro at the chase park plaza hotel, and man…we had no idea what we were in for. first of all, we woke up to snow. we had a truly icky drive to brunch, parked, and came upon a locked door for eau bistro. cussing a blue streak (him) and not wanting to walk much further in heels (me), we went inside the hotel and managed to find the bistro that had just shut their outside door but was still open.

we sat down and were offered mimosas, which we jumped on, and coffee. shown the buffet, pete and i started going through the line: eggs benedict, hot pasta, french toast, bacon & sausage, then hand-carved prime rib & lamb, an omelet bar, fresh fruit, roasted cold vegetables, prosciutto, salami, cold pasta salads, duck, oysters, shrimp, crab leg, rolls & bagels & danishes, muffins, and i’m probably forgetting something. we filled a plate, then another plate, had a mimosa, then another mimosa, then a half a mimosa that was topped off with straight champagne. finally, we hit up the dessert annex to the space, getting fresh tiramisu, cold chocolate mousse, the richest chocolate brownie i’ve ever had, a fruit tart, and possibly more. we must’ve gained 10 pounds in one meal.

we staggered out, me certifiably tipsy, and drove a couple of blocks to the art museum. we found ourselves unable to immediately leave the car, we were so full, buzzed, sleepy, and content. after spending a good fifteen solid minutes in the car, we finally were able to get out and go in the museum, where we went picture happy and had a great time seeing more of the museum that we didn’t have time for last time. and i did the whole thing in heels.

next we drove home and changed into notsofancy clothes, poked around online for an idea of something to do, and decided to go play pool. we got there, and i went on to kick booty. his booty, namely. i believe i will go on record to say that i won six out of seven games. woo! i’m now taking names for students, i will teach you all my skills. leaving the pool hall i decided that my windshield wiper blades needed to be switched around since the one in front of the driver is wearing out faster than the other. of course, i have no idea how to switch windshield wiper blades. so i made the illustrious rev do it for me. which he did, in a “quick, 5 minute operation” that became 15 minutes when my windshield wipers put up a fight. but he did it, despite my honking the horn while he was working, making him jump and slit his thumb. uh…oops. it was funny though.

we wrapped up our nice sleepy easter with dinner at TGIFridays and a drink at their bar. all in all yet another successful day, only tempered by the knowledge that we would have to once again leave each other the next day. maybe, though, that sort of situation will come to an end, eventually…


2 thoughts on “Day & Evening 3

  1. Pete says:

    I don’t curse that much.

    But even if I do, it’s healthier to vent one’s frustration than to bottle it up inside and suffer an aneurysm.

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