Last Day

we finally did go ahead and sleep in a tad on our last morning in st. louis. we had worn ourselves out what with the eating and the walking and the being lovey dovey in public. after showering and packing, we went and checked out of the hotel with our lovely hostess, shontelle, and headed out for another try at the brewery tour at anheuser-busch. a bit nippy, but altogether fun, we did the whole tour, saw the clydesdales, tasted some beer (still thinking ew on the beer), and hit up a cafe for a yummy lunch. the bobble head in pete came back out, so i’m pretty sure he liked his steak sandwich.

then came the time i absolutely least like: having to drive off in opposite directions, not to see one another for yet another few weeks. at least we know that the next time we’re together it’ll be his 47th birthday, and it’ll be party central on a bus to a casino – something to look forward to. still, it’s hard as always and of course i cried, because i am a lame-o girl. but he always helps calm me down before the drive…or at least i pretend to be. and so ends another trip together for biggz and smallz.


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