Follow Up

to wrap up a couple stories i’ve started….

yes, i have mono. no, it is not fun. i basically feel like i’ve just been filled with sand. i get tired rolling over in bed, and winded walking to the kitchen. day by day it gets a bit better though, and i’m hoping for a solid step towards recovery by next weekend, since i’m due in memphis for pete’s 74th birthday.

my theft: my insurance has wonderfully decided to NOT cover my theft, thanks to some ridiculous clause in my renter’s insurance contract. so, that’s great.

i just watched the first lord of the rings. that movie keeps me on edge for the three solid hours or whatever it runs. they almost die about every 3 minutes, with big thundering overtures and scary crazy orcs running around and demons of doom and mean wizards and all that. not to mention the original bromance, frodo & sam, tugging at my heartstrings. i concluded, though, that i am definitely an elf. i just have to learn elvish. getting on that.


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