yes, i lost my shiz when KU won. i have evil thoughts of bringing the memphis boys some kleenex for their loss. HA suckahz.

in other dunzo news, i am definitely done with this whole sitting-in-bed-all-the-livelong-day thing. it was a nice luxury there for a couple days, but now i am ready to go train for a marathon rather than keep sitting here. so dull. you can only watch so many episodes of the first 48 without getting a little down. i have redone my nails approximately 6 times in as many days. i have walked all the way to the kitchen, and back. i have made the executive decision to sleep that extra two hours. i have, remarkably, showered (more than once). the puzzling thing at this point is if the lethargy is from the mono itself or from just being constantly…lethargic. guess i’ll find out.


One thought on “Dunzo

  1. Pete says:

    Well, now Kansas has One thing to brag about.

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