so, it’s been a while. once again it was for a reason – yet another trip to see my rev for his birthday. this time, thanks to The Mono, i opted to take a chauffeured mode of transportation: the greyhound bus. thursday, all day long, i rode the greyhound from kansas city to memphis through what were at times torrential downpours. that equaled sleepy time for me, and i spent most of the trip dozing.

i arrived to a sunny, warm memphis evening and pete bringing me a dozen pink roses. i apparently foiled an elaborate plan to scream my name and film my arrival complete with balloons and flowers flying and who knows what all else to embarrass me in front of a rather diverse bus station crowd. maybe next time.

we had a quiet couple of first nights – pete & sam’s italian food was in order for my first night, and it was every bit as good as pete had talked up. especially their salad…i could go for more of that right now. friday pete worked, so i luxuriated and slept in before we again went out for dinner, this time at los compadres for mexican. again yummy, despite an extremely loud and annoying to all but themselves group of people the next table over. we snagged some extra chips on the way out for the big party day that was forthcoming, which i will leave you hanging on – stay tuned for a whole mess of cooking, hunan hand, bocce ball, fire, slot machines, pit bosses, chauffeured vans, and late late nights.


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