Cuh See No

after much slightly inebriated confusion, we finally got everyone loaded into the van and rolled out. after more inebriated confusion, we selected a casino in tunica to actually go to. forty minutes and we were one happy group sprinting into a casino with one objective: bathrooms.

now we were ready to gamble. i did not bring a single dollar in cash with me. i very much intended to not gamble a dime, and i didn’t – at least of my own money. we hit it big with $3 of pete’s in a quarter slot machine, cleaning up with $24. as the night wound on, we managed to lose all of that. and then more. i blew a dollar of pete’s and a dollar of his friend lauren’s at nickel slots and declared myself officially unlucky. i became a slightly better lucky charm at the blackjack table for pete. we were stowing away $5 chips, til we landed at a bad table and walked out of the night with $4 in chips.

we cashed out at around 2:15 a.m. and pete worked his magic with a very large, very intimidating pit boss to get us comped food at the cafe. we got comped enough for two meals, despite the fact that, oddly, i was not in the mood for a large meal at 2:30 in the morning. a group of us sat down in the atrium cafe there and they all stuffed themselves, boys being boys and not caring what time of day it is for a huge raw bloody steak or some pretty foul looking pulled pork nachos.

three a.m. arrived and it was time for the ride back to memphis. generously, we tipped our increasingly patient driver with a cheeseburger and fries. we didn’t get home til four. on top of The Mono, cooking all day, partying all night, and coming home to a freezing house, the late hour knocked me for quite a loop. i was out until literally 4 p.m. the next day, awake off and on with waves of general illness. it was worth it, though, since the party went over hugely and everyone had a blast. you always know a party’s a success when you wake up to pee the next morning and walk through a living room littered with happily snoozing bodies, food remnants, many beer cans, and later, people pulling out the refrigerated remains to revisit the snacks of the day. the rev certainly turned 24 (74? 91?) with a bang!


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