Wrapping Up

the rest of our weekend together was rather uneventful. ill for a large portion of sunday, i reverted to my classic feel possibly better but at least not worse strategy: freeze. i sat completely immobile in bed until i finally felt stable enough, with the support of a packet of melba toast, to take a shower and move through the world. pete and i went to spend his macy’s gift card on a flashy new fossil watch, then out for a birthday dinner at macaroni grill with his family. i was fading in and out in terms of strength until the arugula and steak salad i ate stepped in and helped out. the rest of the night was spent watching tv with his roommates and relaxing.

monday saw pete waking up early to go to work. it saw me passed out cold til 2 pm. then, being the obsessive compulsive that i am, i packed everything up perfectly, cleaned pete’s room, and even (to his dismay, at my apparent destruction of some important receipts) did some laundry. i repainted my nails and passed some time watching tv. dinner was eaten out at a vietnamese restaurant – pete’s first foray into the culture. his dinner turned out to be just at the threshold of spicyenoughtocausepain, though i think it may have crossed over since he downed about 4 glasses of water.

then, a very repetitive story on this boring blog, i had to leave him. he stood in line with me at greyhound until i was literally on the boarding “dock” (p.s. why does greyhound fancy themselves a shipping line that docks and boards and apparently sails forth smoothly). while i say he stood with me, i mean that he stood there with mouth agape at all of these wonderful people-watching opportunities that just happened upon him. i got his attention enough for a kiss goodbye, and then i boarded my ship. bus. whatever.

this was quite the ride back. i left memphis at 7:45 pm, scheduled to arrive in kansas city at 5:30 am. this bus was packed, and i unfortunately had seatmates the entire trip. the worst one was from jackson, mo, to st. louis, mo, as she decided that no rules applied to her and she would spend the entire two hours discussing with her friend delores, in her wheezy, smoker-tinged voice, all of the men that she is currently playing off of each other. the guy she had kissed goodbye and waved to as we pulled away from jackson apparently told her he loved her, and she said the same, but delores now knows that we’re not sure if that’s the truth and we’re going to all be waiting til the end of the month to find out how she still feels. in the meantime she’s going to go to olympia (washington? i’m not sure) to see steve, who paid for her ticket, and who she ALSO called en route. he told her he had a big b*ner waiting for her. cute. and then there’s mike, in illinois, who has a pool. and jim, in olympia the same as steve, who has a SWEET tv. i am blown away by the fact that gruff, blowsy, smarmy women like this can wrap all these men around their fingers, making them give them things and money and who knows what else i certainly don’t want to know, while many wonderful, intelligent, gorgeous women i know are left with no guys. disgusting. plus, she elbowed me in the side to find out when we were due in st. louis, and once i told her 12:45 am she commenced to loudly tell everyone she spoke with that we were due in at 12:15. whatever.

thank you jesus, i was not seated next to her on my ride from st. louis to kansas city. no thanks to anyone, i was seated in the aisle, with nothing to rest my head upon to sleep. commence horrendously unattractive sleeping with mouth wide open, head tilted back, and weird nasal passage semi-snoring. until such a time that some ASSWIPE, or sorry, assw*pe, decided to SMOKE a CIGARETTE on the BUS which is an ENCLOSED CONTAINER with NO VENTILATION. I HATE THIS PERSON. and will forever. i arrived in kansas city on time, reeking of smoke. a friend gave me a ride home, and i promptly passed back out til later in the day. what a trip.


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