there are several ingredients that contribute to my having a good, solid, blissful sleep. i am one of those total darkness total silence sort of sleepers. i have not one but two black-out curtains on my windows. i unplugged and put away my bedside clock, too sick of its blaringly neon green numbers glowing in my face. yet there is one ingredient that is close to essential, one that i did not realize until last night i had been missing of late – cold. i sleep fitfully in any level of warmth. i must be under covers, yet if i get too warm i get restless and unable to fall into deep sleep. this morning, though, found me virtually unable to get out of bed from the sheer luxury of being wonderfully cozy under my comforter with a cool breeze wafting over me from my open window. i slept so much harder, so much deeper, with this coolness than i have in probably weeks. the only thing that would have made it better would be a full-on thunderstorm raging outside. i probably would still be asleep, in that case.


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