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embarrassing picture # 8437 of me, aired out as a means of filler-when-there’s-nothing-much-going-on. this is from november 2004, according to my records, and has a reason. i promise. i, with some classmates, began a campaign to make my fellow wellesley students recapture that essential pause in our day – lunch – with a little fun. i had had too much of girls studying aggressively in the dining hall, their glares for my loud laughter, and people snapping from pressure. and thus began severance fun lunch. they were themed lunches, sometimes one day a week, sometimes for a full week blowout extravaganza, complete with VIP guests (the president of the college, favorite professors, etc.), performances, mini-classes, wall-to-wall decorations, candy, themed food from the dining hall, themed loud music, and, quite often, extremely embarrassing actions by yours truly. reference: the above. it was a hip hop themed fun lunch, and i went all out. i am totally from the streets, as you can see by my artfully flipped visor and strategically placed sweat band. that is how they dress on the streets these days, right? i’m down. anyway, by and large fun lunches were a hit, broke up the monotony of studystudystudy, and gave me a good reason to break out into costume. i miss them. maybe i could get my work to have them? something in me says no.


2 thoughts on “From the Archives

  1. Pete says:


  2. Kate Derrick says:

    haha, I totally still have my Severance Fun Lunch Hip Hop mix! Featuring the likes of Right Thurr by Ching, Ignition by R Kelly, Milkshake by Kelis, and Say I Yi Yi by the Yin Yang Twins. Hott stuff.

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