so whenever i see product endorsements on other blogs it’s always like cool, indie products that are all botanical, with quirky titles, fun packaging, and can only be ordered online directly from a small island west of turks and caicos where the natives package them in banana leaves.

i am not this cool.

i endorse the following products for bringing me happiness year round and costing less than $47/ounce:reese’s peanut butter cups. only acceptable in classic form and fun-sized. no pieces or whips or white chocolate allowed. can be found: EVERYWHERE. cost: $0.33 – $0.75 depending.
cover girl eyeliner in a dark brown. creamy, goes on smoothly, lasts forever. can be found: every major drugstore in america. cost: about $4.
serasoft oversized throw blankets. so good i got one for myself and one in blue for the reverend. so good our apartment cat, bowser, snuggles into it every chance he gets. and it is so damn warm and snuggly. can be found: bed, bath & beyond. cost: about $20.

conclusions to be drawn from my endorsements: i am easily pleased; i am cheap; i don’t look super hard for ritzy products; i find lots of pleasure in lots of little things. decide on your own.


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