More Materialistic

in a shift from the previous post in which i endorsed items that are within my means and bring me joy, i will now feature some products that i lust after and will consequently reveal my truly materialistic nature.

i want a tiffany’s bracelet. i’ll admit it. i like the shiny jingliness of it. i like the round tag. i like the label. and i feel like i should feel like a bad person for wanting one, but you know what? i don’t. quality silver is an investment right now, since silver prices are shooting up, and it’s an adorable piece that holds its value. so shoot me.
oversized chanel sunglasses. i like the double C, the oversizedness, the mystique going back to the days of our first lady of camelot, jackie O. total glam.
christian louboutin black classic platform heels. my other two things would be splurges, these will be what i buy when i win the lottery. from what i’ve seen and heard, louboutin heels are made out of fairy dust and magic. they actually don’t hurt to walk in, or so people say. plus they are hotttt with an infinity of extra t’s. the rev loves me in heels too so i’d get some use out of these. and when i say use, they will have to disintegrate off of my feet.

notice that i put no prices on these. they range from $200 to uhhh a lot. look for me to own them in the next ten years. i have very lofty goals that are not only intellectual but also do good things for the world, too. ok i’m a bad person. i’ll go volunteer somewhere.

One thought on “More Materialistic

  1. Pete says:

    Can’t help ya here, sorry. Gave all my money to a bum last night.


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