New Toy

i got this little piece of sweetness last week. i had been in a sort of awkward joint phone contract situation that i was able to extricate myself from, and i returned to my cell phone roots by going back to verizon. doesn’t hurt that that is the reverend’s company of choice and by doing so i would be enabling us to talk, text, and message for free and endlessly. then it came time to pick out a phone. i have always been one to pick out the free phone that is crummy and basic but will hold a phone charge for about 64 days since it does nothing else. but then, i fell in love. she’s an LG chocolate in black cherry (to match my purse, much to the hilarity of the verizon sales force), she slides open and closed, she has a camera, and when shut is very ipod reminiscent in her aesthetic. sleek and smooth and gorgeous. she is my first truly grown up swanky phone, and i LOVE it. not to mention that i have commenced texting pete approximately every three minutes, just with the word “FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” and he has done the same. it is a thrill that can not be captured in words.


One thought on “New Toy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Mom!

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