Weekend Leftovers

what i have left of this weekend with my reverend:

– a HUGE pile of clothes on my floor, accumulated as a result of my unwillingness to waste time on cleaning when i can be having fun with him.

– 2 men’s dress shirts, one pair of men’s dress pants (brown). now taking monetary offers…just kidding, i also have a box now to ship them out.

– 5 wire hangers. they stand out, as i am anal and have all wooden hangers.

– one prescription antibiotic for acute bronchitis. one bottle of mucinex. these are mine.

– a raging sunburn across my shoulders and upper back, but happy memories of the zoo.

– raggedy nailpolish, again as a result of not wanting to waste time on my nails when i could be playing a game of scrabble or shooting a round of pool with him.

– zero pictures. he took them all.

– a million pounds of heartache that yet another perfect weekend had to end.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Leftovers

  1. Pete says:

    I think there also should be a pair of (tight) boxers….or are you planning on keeping those for yourself?

  2. katie says:

    i…kind of figured you might not want that advertised, but since you brought it up, yes i have them, no you may not have them back, and i fully plan on wearing them every day til i get to see you again.

  3. […] month nine: he’s back in KC, and we’re back at the zoo.  i’m sick again, with bronchitis, but we still have fun. […]

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