Day of Klutziness

today was just not my day. i managed to make it to work unscathed, but instantly upon stepping out of my car began jostling my piping hot tall starbucks pike place roast coffee on to my hand (1/2 an inch of half & half, 3 splenda). i elegantly tried to lick it off as i walked juggling my car keys, coffee, and massively wonderful purse.

a few hours later, as i hurriedly tried to secure some information for a customer, i somehow managed to scrape the top of my foot (enough to tear the skin) on the bottom of a cabinet door. i valiantly soldiered on through the day with a big pink stripe across the top of my foot.

fast forward to cooking dinner. as i waited for my chicken to bake, i decided to wash the dishes. i set to work with my handy dandy scrubber brush from walgreen’s. scrub, scrub, scrub, and slice! i cut my own thumb with my own fingernail…in my apparent fervor to scrub that food off of that pot, i was gripping the brush so hard i dug my own nail into my own little thumb. i bled.

still waiting for my chicken to bake i headed to my room to change to more comfy clothes. i could not wait to slip into my trusty yoga capri sweat pant things after a long day in BR chinos. taking them into my bathroom to change, i manage to dip them into my (clean) toilet. lovely. abandoned those in a hurry.

this was my day. good thing i am not a welder, a construction worker, or a haz-mat person. i would probably be dead.


One thought on “Day of Klutziness

  1. The Rev. says:

    Nice! I think I’ve started to rub off on you..

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