Hot Hot Heat

after all of my whining of winter cold and freezing freezingness, i will now commence whining about summer heat and its hot hotness. for unexplainable reasons, kansas city frequently (i.e. every day from mid-may until october) experiences 100% humidity. find me the body of water nearby that causes this. regardless, i slept with my window open last night only to awaken to my sheet plastered to me and my body at my bed’s edge, gravitating to my little bedside fan as a flower to the sun. and so begins the nights of no temperature drops. we stay at a lovely 80 plus degrees despite the color of the sky all through the summer, which if you are unlucky to be without air conditioning (which THANKFULLY i am not) is totally miserable. working in a store that depends on walk-by traffic also is interesting in this weather, as everyone comes in not to buy or even necessarily to look at our merchandise but rather to cool off. makes a sales associate feel a little redundant. anyway, i’m only on a whine-about-the-weather kick since i just did pilates (three days IN A ROW! WOO!) and feel like my body temperature just skyrocketed into the triple digits. shower time.


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