i have quite possibly the strongest sweet tooth in the country. or world. the craving to have something painfully sweet after dinner is so strong i often leave my house all over again just to go get something. example: you might see a little theme in my trash. despite working hard in pilates, i have consumed about a billion fun-sized reese’s cups tonight. so bad but oh so good.


3 thoughts on “Confession

  1. you should ask The Rev to send you some of his Necco wafers!

  2. […] gorging on this stuff, but i keep forcing it down because it is just. so. good.  better than reese’s, though, right? […]

  3. Scratch Bags says:

    I thought I had the strongest sweet tooth. 😛 Something sweet after every meal is a must, and I can munch anything sweet any time of the day. Ha ha!

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