i am going to just consider this my confessional space, since i am way not religious but feel the need to let the world know of my sins. and father, i have sinned. i have not done pilates in days. days. i have a kind of sort of maybe legitimate reason for not doing so: i have had a badly lingering cough from my supposed bronchitis attack from a couple weeks back that will NOT go away, so i went to the doctor monday. i was prescribed an inhaler (which i have never used before and believe i might be just drinking the albuterol) and some anti-cough pills which so far have only mildly helped. by the end of the day lately my chest feels tight and i am in no mood to single-leg stretch my way to a better physique. tomorrow though, TOMORROW! i. will. do. this.

in other news, today was my other nephew tyler’s first birthday. the two are just over three weeks apart, so it was round two for baby birthdays within a month. nothing too exciting to report here. he was a total priss with his dessert, not wanting to touch it for anything:

Jazz Hands

he calls them jazz hands. and he does them well.


One thought on “Lapsed

  1. The Rev. says:

    You are forgiven, my child.

    Say three Hail Mary’s, two Our Fathers, and perform at least 17 minutes of strenuous Pilates.

    Only then will Jesus love you.

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