from my day:

– pressed pink oxford, tucked in; this equals grownuphood.

– six rings on one finger.  sliding around because i’m cold.

– five bites of lukewarm corn chowder, brought to the break room for the staff – satisfying in some weird way.

– loving the feel of paper in my hand.  flashbacks to watching my rev hold a newspaper, and how for some reason the way he holds it makes me love him more.

– enjoying the sun and the cool a/c in my car as i drive to dinner, talking to pete.  we excitedly chat about our days, our future.  feeling quite secure.

– smooth chubby baby legs.

– bopping to the beat across the table with tyler, his eyes locking on mine as, in his excitement, we frantically rock around our chairs.

– drowsiness on the drive home – pleasant but unnerving at 70 mph.

– nonworking cable forcing me to have a tv-less night.  for once.  this is probably not a bad thing.


One thought on “Snippets

  1. The Rev. says:

    6 on one finger? Are you participating in a cage match tonight?

    And my legs aren’t that chubby…

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