I Done Gave Up


it is super rare for me to give up on a book. i worked on the scarlet pimpernel again and again, and after a few tries i finally conquered (and loved) it. that one james clavell series has not won me over just yet. and man, this biography of madame chiang kai-shek put up a fight. i want to eventually make my way through many books about wellesley graduates, but so far the two i’ve attempted have not been much fun. madeleine albright’s autobiography was a tough bird for me to get through. lots of politico and not much personal stuff (and i like the personal stuff best, it’s what makes history come alive! woo, i’m a nerd!). i’ve rechecked out this biography of the madame about four times. i have picked it up again and again and made moderate progress. but for once i just threw in the towel, and it found its way to the library bin. who knows if i’ll reattempt it – for now, at the library it shall stay.


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