Rhymes With Crime Burner

so my cable company. we are not so much friends. give my house a good stiff breeze and my internet goes down. and i have been without a tv now for about four days. tv and i are usually very good friends, so this has been a rough separation. i called my cable company, which shall not be named, two days ago and they told me my cable box was down. so i switched it out with an extra one we had in our house, and no go. i called again tonight, and after waiting on the phone for a good 20 minutes, i finally got through to a customer service rep, who told me i needed to go to a time warner store so they could reprogram the box. which is when i said actually, actually i’d like to not have digital anymore, take my box back and give me basic. and he said, oh, in that case, just take your cable and plug it into the tv. I COULD HAVE ENJOYED THIS KNOWLEDGE ABOUT FOUR DAYS AGO, DUDE. i plugged it in and literally hugged my tv when david letterman and spencer pratt leapt onto the screen. i missed you, cable.


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