I’m On Top of the Worrrrlllldddd!

last night i was lucky enough to be invited along on a dinner trip with a coworker and his godchildren (evie and ollie, 13 and 10 years old) to Skies Restaurant, the revolving restaurant at the top of the hyatt hotel here in kc.  the food was fabulous, the company was a ton of fun, but the view took the cake.  well, ok, it was in close competition with my bread pudding with candied figs and white chocolate creme anglaise, but it hung on. 

i always get a thrill driving down main or broadway, when you crest that hill that swoops down into downtown and you get that overarching view of our skyline (which i humbly believe is one of the nicer that i’ve seen).  but this view, from 47 stories up, was equally if not more thrilling.  ray and i spent some time picking out buildings, talking about their history, talking about their newness (hello alien spacecraft sprint center – which i still love, don’t get me wrong).  we also came to find out that the red tower for KCPT or whatever it is for is the tallest unsupported structure in america.  who knew?  what a way to see kansas city, i highly recommend it.


One thought on “I’m On Top of the Worrrrlllldddd!

  1. I agree, KC has the best skyline. Every time I go home I get chills.

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