Reveal a Secret Thursday II

and it’s already that day of the week again, time to let the world know a big old dramatic secret about our favorite reverend.  and for this week i’m going to go with a physical attribute of his that many don’t catch, and when they do, they wonder what it is…

this is what i affectionately call the frankenstein finger.  see that dash mark on the fourth finger there?  it’s permanent.  but it’s no tattoo, as some might think.  the rev was cleaning a car once, got into a little scuffle with the nasty scummy dirty exhaust pipe, sliced his finger, and the mark has never gone away.  this is, as i constantly remind him, one of the many ways i will know when an alien has replaced him with a clone – should this mark disappear, that’s one sure sign that it is NOT my rev, and i will shoot him with my laser gun.


5 thoughts on “Reveal a Secret Thursday II

  1. The Rev. says:

    At least once a week, the following conversation takes place:

    “You’ve got a little pen mark there.”
    “Oh? Where (instinctively rubbing cheeks, chin, and forehead…the common offenders)?”
    “No, no, no, there on your finger!”
    “Oh…..that….that’s not pen, but, um, thanks anyway..”

    Then I tear up and walk away while a piano plays slowly in the background.

  2. I thought the secret was going to be he had girl hands ☺ Just kidding. He does have very nicely manicured nails though! I love secrets….about others.

  3. coltempo says:

    dual secret!! he files, trims, and cleans his nails obsessively. glad to hear it pays off, i personally appreciate a well-manicured man.

  4. OlgaTTB says:

    HA! I have a feeling that, with you two, this “Reveal A Secret Thursday” could get pretty interesting!

  5. […] a three inch burn, which will inevitably become an unsightly scar, on the same hand as my “Frankenstein Finger,” as some call it. Things are not looking up for my right paw these […]

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