Who Knew?

(first of all, thank you for checking in on me despite my failure to post every day.  despite not having an internet connection i feel like i should have tried harder to keep up my post a day pace, and i didn’t and i suck.  good thing for guest posters…)

who knew that at a point ten months after this one i would be taking another trip to memphis, but this time for good?  this post is going to officially declare to the world (now that i have safely given notice at my job): I AM MOVING TO MEMPHIS!!  the reverend and i are joining forces and rent money to move in together at the end of july, so please stay tuned as i freak out over packing, lifting, truck driving, and that one minor detail of employment.  if anyone would like to hire me in memphis or in the greater memphis metro area, i am now available beginning the last week of july!  i am chipper, organized, and relatively quick to pick up tasks.  i will bring brownies every friday.  ok…every monday, wednesday, and friday if you throw in benefits.  i make killer brownies.  seriously, think about it.

also, we are currently seeking contributions of a team name for our household.  so far we have come up with Team Anderdise (rhymes with niece), a combination of our names.  this is as far as we’ve gotten.  any ideas?


7 thoughts on “Who Knew?

  1. Zee Rev. says:

    Wait, whaaaa? 😉

    When our powers combine….oh, wait, I’m slipping into one of my Captain Planet fantasies again…damn that green blue-skinned, green-haired bastard….

    Then again, he was my hero. And he was gonna take pollution down to zero!

  2. michelle says:


  3. coltempo says:

    thanks, michelle! we’re excited!!

  4. Congrats! I think I just mentioned this idea in a comment on this very blog…so happy I convinced you to take the plunge ☺ So what; KC not good enough for The Rev? ☺

  5. coltempo says:

    thanks, and you did mention it! in his defense, the rev quite enjoys KC. but i also quite enjoy memphis, and things just went south (in a good way)!

  6. Morgan says:

    I am so excited for you! That’s great!

    … Maybe we can try to squeeze that taco night in before you leave? I’d love to see you guys… still!

  7. coltempo says:

    thanks morgan!! i’ll send out an email soon about taco night…i totally want to fit that in, or maybe we could make it a la bodega night down here? that place is the shiz. i’ll be in touch!!

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