Reveal A Secret Thursday IV

this week’s reveal a secret thursday will be a quick one since i’m still at the beach…..

you may or may not know this (and you ought to if you happen to notice that he never makes spelling or grammar mistakes on his posts), but the rev is OCD. not diagnosed officially or anything, but i will unofficially tell you that he is. and one of his most severe OCD tendencies involves music. the rev adores music, knows oogles and googles about it, plays the guitar, and just always has it going. and in this day and age, one generally uses itunes to organize music on a computer. first of all, you ought to know he has an entire external hard drive, solely for his music collection, and that his OCD kicks in when it comes to obtaining and organizing it. he never, and i mean NEVER, downloads or obtains one single song. he must, no matter how little he likes everything else, add on entire albums to his itunes. not only that, they must be properly labeled, titled, and MUST come with album art. why? he doesn’t know. he just HAS TO. and when i show him the following section of MY itunes, he will literally probably gag and shiver and slam my laptop cover shut, so strong is his compulsion to have everything perfectly organized in his itunes. he spends sections of his days fixing problems like this in his collection:

he just died on the inside.


One thought on “Reveal A Secret Thursday IV

  1. I think I just fell in love with the rev a little more ☺ I am not that neurotic about my music library but have my own little OCD tendencies!

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