The KatieColTempo Returns!

aaaannnndddd i’m back…after a twelve hour bus ride, a trip to the melting pot, another eight hours in the car through the emptiness that is mississippi with the rev and brother dupont and his girl lori, and the suspension of time that is life on the beach in gulf shores, alabama – i feel like i was there for about three minutes, but feel like i haven’t been here for about a month or so – then a return to memphis, a group trip to see the movie hancock (a good but kind of odd little movie), and finally an absolutely PANICKED helter-skelter trip all over memphis to find an apartment within the allotted four hours we had together in the city during apartment open hours – no worries, success was achieved – and another twelve hours back on the greyhound, i made it back to KC. i now have three weeks to pack everything i own, figure out a bajillion details, and get back to memphis to our new two bedroom apartment. panicking, commence.

and BOOYAKSHA i beat the rev!! 147 words in one sentence to describe the trip, i win!


One thought on “The KatieColTempo Returns!

  1. The Rev. says:

    The gauntlet has been thrown…

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