Reveal A Secret Thursday V, Squeaking In

another OCD tendency of the rev for this week’s reveal a secret: i call it the triple pat process.  first of all, as backstory, the rev is addicted to smelling good.  he puts aftershave on his scruffy neck, just because it smells good.  he keeps a back up mini bottle of his favorite scent, acqua di gio by armani, in his car for “emergencies” of the smell variety.  but the thing i get the biggest kick out of is that when he puts on his cologne for the day, he does the triple pat: he sprays it toward his chest and then with his left hand pats his chest, his lower ribs, and his stomach, pat pat pat.  i am not sure if he was even aware he did this until i giggled about it, and he has since sworn that he does it because it draws the scent in and embeds it into the fabric of his shirt to make the smell more longlasting.  i call BS and say it’s just OCD.  but it’s fun to watch, every morning: pat pat pat.


4 thoughts on “Reveal A Secret Thursday V, Squeaking In

  1. Sweet …….. I suppose ……… for the nose …… fore he goes …… to smell like a rose.

  2. OlgaTTB says:

    Aw that IS soooo sweet! 🙂

  3. so OCD and so not the scent I would have suspected for him!

  4. The Rev. says:

    I do indeed smell of a rose- Everywhere I goes!

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