Reveal a Secret Thursday VI, The Emperor Decrees

by now you all know how the rev revels in attention.  he bathes in it, moisturizes with it, and glories in it.  and he has recently expanded the group of minions he demands attention from into the non-human realm.  in fact, they aren’t even alive.  apparently there is this game called “emperor: rise of the middle kingdom” that places you, a chinese emperor, as overlord of a group of sorely oppressed citizenry whom you force to raise your crops, build your temples, etc. etc.  shockingly, the rev rather enjoys clicking his mouse and commanding people around who later give him the feedback that he is: “The Greatest Ruler of All Time.”  this is no good for me.  he now demands that i remind him that he is “The Greatest Ruler of All Time” as he struts around puffing his chest out.  thank you for inflating his ego even more, emperor game. **

**official disclaimer: the rev is not a computer nerd.  he does not play computer games to the detriment of paying attention to me.  the rev is a manly man.  the rev merely enjoys being overlord to minions.


One thought on “Reveal a Secret Thursday VI, The Emperor Decrees

  1. Aravis says:

    Hello, just wondering what is the name of this emperor game?

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