One More Day

i have one more day of work in kc.  i’ve already wrapped up work at my part time job, but the full time is over tomorrow at 5:30.  this is…surreal.  my mind can NOT wrap around the fact that i’ll be done there, and not return as an employee to either place.  nor the fact that i won’t be living in kc anymore.  i’m not scared, nervous, or worried, just kind of unable to grasp it all.  and i’m already in that “one last time” mode…go out for vietnamese food on 39th one last time, eat chipotle one last time, walk around the plaza one last time, etc.  i know that it’s not my last time ever, but it will be for a while, and it’s just weird.  but i’m ready to eat eggels at the memphis bagel company for the FIRST time, go biking in shelby farms for the FIRST time, visit graceland for the FIRST time, etc, as a memphis resident.  lots of cool stuff to come, but there is a lot to miss here.  bittersweet.


One thought on “One More Day

  1. I felt the same way when I moved from KC. When we go back to visit is is just different. I wish I could go to all my favorite KC places whenever I want but now I have new favs. You will too and you will have your favorite guy with you! Good luck.

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