My Old Office

as of today, i no longer enter this building every day for work.  i kind of try to edge around where i work when i work there, for safety’s sake, but now it’s fine to say that i worked at a kansas city landmark, the nelson-atkins museum of art.  i have worked there since march of ’07, so i was here for the opening of our highly lauded new wing, the bloch building (shown at the right of this fabulous mike mcmullen picture).  it’s been an eventful year plus.  unfortunately it wasn’t the most positive experience over all, but i have met some of the best people i now know there and that is what i will take away from it.  i am definitely a visual person so i have to say that working in such a place of beauty that houses such beauty has been amazing – i only regret not taking more advantage of all of the programming and exhibitions that i could have done and seen for free.  it’s been good, nama, and i’ll miss you.  on to bigger & better.


One thought on “My Old Office

  1. Oh I am so jealous! It is bitter sweet isn’t it?

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